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Story of the week

Call for help as disaster strikes in Nepal

NEPAL – After a 7.8-magnitude earthquake caused massive damage in Kathmandu, Nepal, Operation Blessing is coordinating emergency relief efforts with our partner on the ground, Nepali Rescue Project, and additional OB staff are en route to Nepal.

Already more than 3000 have been found dead and the death toll continues to rise as relief efforts are underway. The quake terrorised residents, turned buildings to rubble and caused countless injuries. Now, survivors huddle outdoors for safety, but temperatures are expected to drop drastically overnight and families are without shelter, electricity or safe water.

An Operation Blessing disaster relief team is currently in the quake zone to bring relief to the hardest hit victims. Additional immediate relief efforts are being coordinated with an Operation Blessing partner organisation on the ground in Nepal. Read the full story here

Help us reach those in need! Donate today to help the victims of the earthquake with urgent shelter, food, safe water and medical aid. Click here to make a difference now.

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